Laetitia is an exceptional rising star whose films captivate viewers with her poetic aesthetic, humanity driven and mesmeric imagery. She studied directing at the renowned
Kourtrajme film school under the wings of the school’s founder, Oscar-Nominated and Cannes-winning film director Ladj Ly. She started her career being a part of the Kourtrajmeuf (KTM) female collective, that directed impressive films for Nike, Reebok and Givenchy. Growing up between Madagascar and Paris, Laetitia developed her singular creative vision at a young age. She wrote stories and made personal films on subjects
ranging from family identity and multiculturalism to climate change. Laetitia also studied environmental engineering and worked as an environmentalist in Madagascar. Her film
work is rooted in using the power of art to communicate lyrically about social issues and to promote change. Both Laetitia’s commercial and fiction work exhibit her skill as a storyteller with exceptional mastery of colour, light and rhythm.