Rose Duel is a French director and writer duo made up of Emma Sandona and Elliot Totzauer. They first met in film school and didn't like each other at all. Rumor has it that Emma couldn’t stand Elliot’s fashion sense, and Elliot couldn’t bear Emma’s fragrance. The real story remains a mystery. Despite their differences, they found themselves inseparable, and from this clash of opinions, a love story unfolded.

Emma pursued screenwriting after studying at the CEEA in France, working on TV series and feature films—and yes, she changed her perfume. Elliot ventured into art direction, enduring countless sleepless nights working with big names in the commercial film industry—and in the process improved his style. With their unique skills, they joined forces as a directorial team fueled by thunderous ambition. The only thing they needed was a producer crazy enough to take a chance on them. Enter Hugo Legrand-Nathan.

Rose Duel isn't just a duo; it's also a duel, a creative battle. They challenge each other to come up with brilliant ideas, blending comedy and emotion with a consistent touch of sensitivity. And they do it all with a certain sense of style.