Alonzo is a director from Baltimore, driven by the power of film to tell stories of humanity’s interconnected experiences while searching to uncover moments of love, freedom, and awakening. After studying theatre and film in New York, Alonzo moved back to Baltimore to pursue a homegrown approach to filmmaking by collaborating with the communities he grew up with and the growing arts scene. On each project he takes on, he delves deeply into the theme of the piece and searches to create something both personal and evocative by channeling his own experiences and being present in the world around him. Alonzo is now focusing on expanding his vision in the worlds of commercials and film. His piece ‘Words for Thomas’, which was the winner of “Best Hip Hop/Grime/Rap Newcomer” at the UKMVAs, “Best Low Budget Music Video” at the D& AD Awards, and “Revelation in Direction in a Music Video” at music-video- festival (Brazil). The piece was also shortlisted in 5 categories at Berlin Commercial Festival, nominated for 1.4’s 'On The Cusp’ award, and shortlisted at both the Kinsale Shark and Circle UK awards before finishing it’s run at Maryland Film Festival.